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    R & D team

    Recruit top international experts to develop sealing consultants ,ensure that we have an international vision, and always provide customers with first-class products.
    The main designers are from major domestic key institutions related professionals, so that our overall R & D stronger;
    Design Analysis
    The sole owner of the company with a world-class sealing considerable mechanical seal design and analysis software in the design phase so that we can accurately predict the dynamic mechanical seals, static performance;
    Using finite element analysis (FEA), fluid dynamics (CFD) iterations to achieve hot, solid, perfect coupling flow to better guide the seal design to ensure that the work of the various components of the sealing operation meets state requirements;

    Test Center
    World-class testing center, independent research and development;
    Equipment range, including pump test equipment, test equipment kettle, dry gas seal test device, such as ultra-high-speed test bed;
    To simulate the operating conditions, temperature, pressure, impurities conditions tested simultaneously;
    With PLC automatic data acquisition, alarm interlock function data reports, etc.;



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