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        About Us  >
    Huayang Seals headquarters in Dalian, one of the most prosperous industrial bases of China, hosting shipbuilding, wind turbine, compressor and pump manufacturing, petroleum refining, and information technology. This scenic city is situated on the southern tip of the Eastern Liaoning Peninsula, bordered by the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It was recognized as the “Global 500” by the UNEP and “National Garden City” by Chinese government.
    Dalian Sun Seals Ltd was established in 2004, expertized in providing top quality mechanical seals and related engineering systems. The company occupies a 28,000 m2 campus.The main products include pump seals , agitator seals, compressor dry gas seal , seal nuclear grade , dryer seals, carbon ring seal and auxiliary systems , which are widely used in petroleum , chemical, shipbuilding , power generation, food, paper , pharmaceutical other industries, more than 600 domestic and foreign customers .
    The company has passed DNV ISO9001 quality system certification , the American Petroleum Institute API quality system certification. Is now the Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center , PetroChina , Sinopec a network provider , national high-tech enterprises.  


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